Fuel System Components

Sullivan is the largest model fuel system manufacturer in the world. In addition to the extensive tank size/shape selection, we make fittings and components for nearly every type of fuel system. If you have any technical questions about particular systems or components, please call 410-732-3500 or email us. We'll be happy to help!

NEW - Sullivan ProFlex Universal Fuel Tubing
The ProFlex line of universal tubing is a proprietary Fluoroelastomer (FKM) tubing that will Never
harden. ProFlex has been designed and tested to be impervious to gas, glow, diesel, and smoke oil. The thin walls allow maximum flexibility without kinking. Now available at your favorite Sullivan retailer.

Standard Size Tubing has a 3/32" ID which is exactly the same ID as the silicone fuel line that comes with every tank. It is designed to fit 1/8" Brass tubing as well as standard size fuel fittings.

S210 - Gas Tank Re-Plumb Kit

S211 - 2' Length of ProFlex

S212 - 12' Length of ProFlex

Large Size Tubing has a 5/32" ID which is designed to fit 3/16" brass tubing as well as large size fuel fittings. In order to use the large size ProFLex in a tank you must replace the brass tubes and klunk to 3/16".

S214 - Gas Tank Re-Plumb Kit

S215 - 2' Length of Large ProFlex

S216 - 12' Length of Large ProFlex

We designed our new ProFlex fuel line with a US chemist and rubber compounder to develop a proprietary formula of FKM (Fluoroelastomer) that is chemically resistant to gasoline and ethanol which is what causes Tygon tubing to harden and deteriorate. With the help of an experienced US extruder, ProFlex has a thinner wall than commonly found on the Tygon that is used today. The thinner wall allows for more flexibility, lighter weight and easier attachment to tubing and fittings used in the RC industry.




NEW - #S751 High Capacity Fuel Filler Valve
Filling fuel tanks in RC models has never been easier until now! This new aluminum alloy fuel filler valve is perfect for large or giant scale aircraft. The fuel filler valve comes with stainless steel twist ties clamp wires and mounting plates with screws.

    • Fill or De-Fuel Tanks Safely
      - Without disconnecting any fuel lines

    • Pull To Open - Push To Close
      - Prevents engine flooding while refueling

    • Safe for All Types of Fuels
      - Gasoline, Glow Fuel, or Smoke Oil

    • Easy Mounting and Installation
      - Mounts flush against model’s fuselage

    • Works with 5/32” Fuel Tubing
      - No extra connections or tools needed

Connect the new fuel supply tube to the fill nipple in the center of the red aluminum plunger. Gently pull the plunger outward until it stops. Once the filler valve is fully opened, you can now safely and easily begin to fuel or de-fuel the tank. The fuel line to the carburetor is automatically shut off from the new fuel source when the plunger is pulled out. This prevents the engine from flooding while refueling. When the fuel tank is full, simply remove the filling tube from the fill nipple and push the red plunger inward until it is closes inside the valve body. With the top of the plunger now flush with the fuselage, your model is now ready for action. It’s that easy!
No. S751

Heavy Duty Multi Fuel Stopper Kit
Similar to our S478, this new kit features:

New stopper material resists all fuel types (gasoline, glow, smoke oil)
Heavy duty blue aluminum housing
Ideal for high pressure systems
1/8" and 5/32" brass tubes
Fits all Sullivan tanks
No. S469

Universal Fuel Stopper. Compatible with gasoline, glow fuel, diesel or any mix of smoke oil. Made out of synthetic rubber (Fluoroelastomer) that provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, aggressive fuels, oil and heat. Color: Black. No. S449

Fuel Feed Bottle Cap. One piece fitting set for standard 38 mm cap size plastic 1 gallon fuel jugs. Quickly add in/out fittings to your fuel bottle -- no drilling, no leaks! No. S487.

Standard Replacement Stopper Assembly (right). Contains full stopper parts for glow fuel. Fits all Sullivan tanks.
No. S482
Gasoline Conversion Kit. All the fittings needed to use standard Sullivan tanks with gasoline or diesel fuel, along with a short piece of gasoline fuel tubing. [Do not use with Flextanks].
No. S484

Large Fuel Capacity Glow Fuel Tank Stopper Assembly (left). Oversize Brass 3/16" fuel feed tube has twice the capacity of standard 1/8" tubes; uses standard 1/8" tube for vent/pressure. Includes both glow fuel and gasoline stoppers. Fits all Sullivan tanks.
No. S479
Large Fuel Capacity Gasoline Tank Stopper Assembly. For gas engines and smoke tanks. Contains two oversize 3/16" brass tubes, large yellow gasoline tubing, and a gasoline stopper. Fits all Sullivan standard tanks.
No. S489

Aluminum Stopper Kit. Ideal for high pressure systems, this kit contains an anodized Aluminum Neck Cap and anodized Aluminum Inner Washer, threaded for a 4-40 screw tightening screw. The kit also contains both 1/8" (3,18 mm) and 3/16" (4,76 mm) brass tubing, and both a white Glow Fuel stopper and black Gasoline/diesel/smoke oil stopper. Universal for all Sullivan tanks.

S478 Aluminum Stopper Kit

Aluminum Tubing Adapters. Handy for adapting large fittings to smaller fittings, such as muffler nipples or gasoline carb fittings. Kit contains two adapters, plus short lengths of gasoline and glow fuel tubing.

S485 Aluminum Tubing Adapters


Aluminum Nipple is designed to fit in all Sullivan tanks. It can be used for an extra fill or pressure port, and will accept standard and large tubing. This nipple will also work with bladder systems.

S476 Fuel Tank Nipple

Machined Aluminum Check Valve. Featuring a Viton® seal and low cracking pressure, this high flow rate valve is the same unit found in the S753 SkyWriter Smoke System. No. S756

Super Klunk is tapered for good access to tank corners. It weighs .45 oz (12,7 g), nearly 2-1/2 times as much as our standard klunk. Will fit both standard and large size tubing, suitable for all fuels.

S396 Heavy Duty Klunk


Nylon Fuel fittings.

Tees and Butt Connectors for 3/32" and 1/8" ID fuel tubing. Suitable for all fuels. Useful for multitank installations.

Tees and Elbows for 3/16" ID Tubing.


No. S486

No. S477

Twist-Tie Clamps. Simple, effective way to clamp fuel lines. They work better than spring clamps and cannot come loose. Annealed Stainless Steel for all fuel and tubing types. 20 Pieces. No. S488.

Fuel Clamps For large Tubing (Nylon). Two clamp sizes fit most 5/32" size tubes. No. S757

Protective "Soft Foam" Strip. Self-adhesive closed cell foam strip has a special X design to provide variable damping rates to protect fuel tanks and electronics, and to minimize fuel foaming. Foam attaches to the tank or receiver, or to the walls of the model, and the foam is fuel proof. No. S218.



Double Screen "Crap Trap" Fuel Filters. Fuel flows first through a 100 mesh monel screen and then through a 120 mesh stainless steel screen to give increased filtering capacity and remove minimum particle sizes. Filters feature clear PTFE barrels and Aluminum ends. They are easily cleaned by backflushing with fresh fuel or solvent. Two sizes are available.

S187 Small Size. For 3/32" ID fuel tubing
S189 Large Size. For 1/8" and 5/32" ID tubing

Filtered Fueler. Improved! Includes large filter, 1/8” Fuel Probe and four feet (122 cm) of fuel resistant silicone tubing with a 5/32" (4mm) inside diameter. No. S190.
Filtered Fueler with Bottle Cap. Conveniently screws directly onto one gallon fuel jugs, and self stores when not in use. Filter tip can be used with Sullivan Filler Valves or directly into tank tubing. Includes large filter, filling tube and four feet (122 cm) of 5/32” (4,0 mm) ID flexible silicone tubing.
No. S191.

Premium Fuel Tubing

Glow Fuel Tubing for 1/2A models. High quality white silicone tubing is extremely flexible and resistant to all glow fuels. Fits from standard nipples on Cox® engines to 1/8" tubing.

S201 Silicone .067" (1,7 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,92 m)


Tubing For Glow Fuels. High quality white silicone tubing is very flexible and resistant to all glow fuels. The same tubing used in all of our gas tanks.

S205 Silicone 3/32” (2,4 mm) ID 2 Feet (0,6 m)
S202 Silicone 5/32" (4,0 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,9m)
S220 Silicone 3/32" (2,4 mm) ID 50 Feet (15,2 m)
S221 Silicone 5/32” (4,0 mm) ID 30 Feet (9,1 m)


Tubing For Smoke oil. Special black “Buna-N” tubing is resistant to smoke oils and heat, making it ideal for smoke applications. Has an oversize ID for easy fluid flow.

S206 Buna-N 3/32" (2,4 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,9 m)
S207 Buna-N 5/32” (4,0 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,9 m)
S224 Buna-N 5/32” (4,0 mm) ID 30 Feet (9,1 m)

Special Yellow Gasoline Tubing. Semitransparent tubing is suitable for all gasolines and gasoline/alcohol blends. Special flexible walls for tighter turning.

S208 Gasoline 7/64" .110” (2,8 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,9 m)
S209 Gasoline 11/64" .165” (4,2 mm) ID 3 Feet (0,9 m)
S222 Gasoline 7/64" .110” (2,8 mm) ID 50 Feet (15,2 m)
S223 Gasoline 11/64" .165” (4,2 mm) ID 30 Feet (9,1 m)


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