Fuel Pumps


Sullivan pumps are designed to give years of reliable service. They feature high flow rates, rugged gear pump design and wide fuel compatibility.

STREAMER™ 12V Field Pumps

12V Field Pump for Glow Fuel. Unlike other pumps, Sullivan field pumps feature an ultrasonically welded pump head to eliminate gasket leaks. The direct drive design prevents coupling failures for long life. Reversible on-off-on switch for fueling and defueling. Pump rate is 33 ounces per minute. Size: 3 5/8" X 1 1/4" x 1" No. S752.


12V Field Pump for Diesel Fuel and Smoke Fluid. Stop spending time cranking pump handles and using squeeze bulb type pumps to get smoke oil in and out of planes. Now there is something much easier to use. The 12V Streamer for diesel fuel is same advanced pump design as above, but with a red case to prevent cross contamination. Pump rate is 33 ounces per minute. This is something anyone who uses smoke oil or diesel fuel should have in their flight box. No. S754.

The SkyWriter Smoke System

Electronically controlled Smoke Pump for onboard smoke systems. Using the same ultrasonically sealed direct drive pump head as our other electric pumps, this lightweight onboard unit has a miniature microprocessor controlled electronic pulse drive speed control. You can set smoke rate with your transmitter trim, and mix the smoke with the throttle channel if desired. Works with 6V to 12V battery packs. Note: For best results battery of 9.6V or less are recommended unless higher fluid volume is required. The pump weighs only 109 g (3.9 oz) and is 3.8" x 1.4" x 1.4" (96 mm x 36 mm x 35 mm). Includes filter, smoke tubing and antisiphon valve. Estimated smoke fluid burn rate 3 to 6 ounces per minute. No. S753.

For Installation Instructions in pdf format, click here.

For Set Up Notes in pdf format, click here.

SkySmoke SkyWriter Smoke Fluid - Full Scale Smoke for your R/C Plane

Ido Segev, World renowned pilot and XFC 2007 competitor flying his 39% Krill Models Katana with the SkyWriter Smoke Pump. Click Here For Video. Thanks for sharing!


Sam Gaglio with his PAU (Performance Aircraft Unlimited)
36% Edge 540 with SkyWriter Smoke System.

(Click on the image for more pictures)


SkyWriter on a
Saito© 100 4 Stroke

Set-Up Notes

Submitted by:
John Townsend Ontario, Canada.


Bulb Pumps. For manual filling and priming, and defueling. Made of Neoprene Rubber except for No. S171 (Black) which is Nitrile for diesel/gasoline/smoke fluid use.

S173 Blue 2 ounce Capacity Glow Fuel
S174 Red 4 ounce Capacity Glow Fuel
S177 Yellow 6 ounce Capacity Glow Fuel
S171 Black 6 ounce Capacity Gasoline/Diesel
S178 Green 8 ounce Capacity Glow Fuel




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