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Manufacturer of High Quality Radio Control Products and Model Accessories for Over 50 Years.

Sullivan Products was founded over 50 years ago and have been in our 40,000 sq ft plant in Baltimore, Maryland for over 40 years. It began as a small manufacturer of control line products for the consumer model aircraft market. These high quality products were a success, and over the ensuing years Sullivan created products for the growing radio control segment. In 1982, Sullivan merged with The Perfect Parts Company and served broader range of markets with a line laboratory glassware, science equipment and model railroad accessories. This gave Sullivan access to even more engineering and equipment resources. In the late 1990s Sullivan entered the expanding Unmanned Vehicle market. Many of the UV products were a direct result of the experience Sullivan had in vehicle electronics/power systems, control hardware, and fuel systems. We currently maintain a variety of plastics processing equipment, metal working machinery as well as electronic assembly and testing equipment. This allows us to design and manufacture products on a subcontract basis. In addition to the military market, we also deliver turnkey products for the consumer and commercial markets.


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Thanks to the vigilant observations and information passed on by a few modelers over the last month we have come to the conclusion that a relatively small number of our SkyWriter Smoke Pumps can freeze up and quit pumping due to a manufacturing issue. We changed the flux we use when soldering the motor wires a few months ago and unknown to us in some cases it is caustic to metal causing surface rusting of the rear shaft. In most cases the small surface rust that can form is not enough to stop the motor and worn off with use. Unfortunately, in some instances it drags down the motor and keeps it from running.

Although this has occurred in a small percentage of units, in an effort to always provide high quality products for our modelers, we decided to pull all SkyWriters in house and from our distributors. They will be replaced with new motors and motor wires soldered with a new benign flux.

If you have purchased a SkyWriter in 2017, it has stopped pumping and you have not already contacted us please call or e-mail us so we can ship you a new SkyWriter.

If you purchased a SkyWriter in 2017 and it is working fine, you will probably have no problem with it. If you choose to keep it and it decides to lock up later, we will still warranty it for you. We have stood behind our products for 59 years and continue to do so today.

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New Product Information


NEW - Sullivan ProFlex Universal Fuel Tubing
The ProFlex line of universal tubing is a proprietary Fluoroelastomer (FKM) tubing that will Never
harden. ProFlex has been designed and tested to be impervious to gas, glow, diesel, and smoke oil. The thin walls allow maximum flexibility without kinking. Three lengths, 6" tank replumb kits, 2' length, and 12' length, available in two different sizes, Standard and Large. For more information click Here

Now available at your favorite Sullivan retailer.

ProFlex Standard (S210, S211 & S212) has a 3/32" ID which is exactly the same ID as the silicone fuel line that comes with every tank. It is designed to fit 1/8" Brass tubing as well as standard size fuel fittings.

ProFlex Large (S214, S215 and S216) has a 5/32" ID which is designed to fit 3/16" brass tubing as well as large size fuel fittings. In order to use the large size ProFLex in a tank you must replace the brass tubes and klunk to 3/16".

We designed our new ProFlex fuel line with a US chemist and rubber compounder to develop a proprietary formula of FKM (Fluoroelastomer) that is chemically resistant to gasoline and ethanol which is what causes Tygon tubing to harden and deteriorate. With the help of an experienced US extruder, ProFlex has a thinner wall than commonly found on the Tygon that is used today. The thinner wall allows for more flexibility, lighter weight and easier attachment to tubing and fittings used in the RC industry.


NEW - S760 SkySmoke - Smoke Fluid
Sullivan Products is proud to annouce a joint partnership with SuperDri, the leader in full scale smoke oil. SkySmoke is 100% paraffinic oils, with no additives, making it safe for all RC materials including glue, foams, iron on coverings and it is also safe in turbine engines.With no shipping restrictions SkySmoke is available internationally, just contact your favorite Sullivan retailer.

Full Scale Smoke for your R/C Plane

Perfect with the S753 Sullivan SkyWriter!


NEW - S998 Aircraft Recovery Bag
The Aircraft Recover Bag (S998) is to be used in the event of a catastrophic incident, beyond your control, you will have an aircraft recovery system with the slightly damaged (totaled) aircraft when you get to it. Perfect to build into any plane at risk of:

  • Battery failure
  • Loss of Radio
  • Strong Crosswind
  • Never to be used for pilot error

NEW - Marcy's Marvelous Wheel Chocks XL
Those with larger planes will now be able to take advantage of Marcy's Marvelous Wheel Chocks. The new XL Wheel Chocks are 25% larger and have 7 tie-down points built in for those that need the extra security. Depending on wheel size and gear angle the chocks can fit either inside or outside of the tires, and will accmmodate most axle sizes. The new XL Wheel Chocks look just as professional as the standard size, and have lots of other great benefits:

• Integrated tie-down points to maximize security and safety during plane transport
• Conserve space in trailers, trucks, vans or storage areas
• Eliminates the risk of getting flat spots on tires
• Prevents rolling during hardware or radio installations
• Use in any type of airplane, tail dragger or tricycle
• For up to 7" Tires (slight modification may be needed for larger size tires and some styles of wheel pants)
• Made of high strength anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use
• Mounting screws and instructions included


NEW - Marcy's Marvelous Wheel Chocks
Marcy Jones invented these wheel chocks in 2003 and has been testing and perfecting them ever since. Depending on wheel size and gear angle, the chocks can fit either inside or outside of the tires and will accommodate most axle sizes. Aside from looking super cool, these wheel chocks have lots of other great benefits too:

• Maximize security and safety during plane transport
• Conserve space in trailers, trucks, vans or storage areas
• Eliminates the risk of getting flat spots on tires
• Prevents rolling during hardware or radio installations
• Use in any type of airplane, tail dragger or tricycle
• For up to 5" Tires (slight modification may be needed for larger size tires and some styles of wheel pants)
• Made of high strength anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use
• Mounting screws and instructions included

Be sure to check out our Marcy's Marvelous Wheel Chocks demonstration video on YouTube.com: CLICK HERE



NEW - #S751 High Capacity Fuel Filler Valve
Filling fuel tanks in RC models has never been easier until now! This new aluminum alloy fuel filler valve is perfect for large or giant scale aircraft. The fuel filler valve comes with stainless steel twist ties clamp wires and mounting plates with screws.

    • Fill or De-Fuel Tanks Safely
      - Without disconnecting any fuel lines

    • Pull To Open - Push To Close
      - Prevents engine flooding while refueling

    • Safe for All Types of Fuels
      - Gasoline, Glow Fuel, or Smoke Oil

    • Easy Mounting and Installation
      - Mounts flush against model’s fuselage

    • Works with 5/32” Fuel Tubing
      - No extra connections or tools needed

Connect the new fuel supply tube to the fill nipple in the center of the red aluminum plunger. Gently pull the plunger outward until it stops. Once the filler valve is fully opened, you can now safely and easily begin to fuel or de-fuel the tank. The fuel line to the carburetor is automatically shut off from the new fuel source when the plunger is pulled out. This prevents the engine from flooding while refueling. When the fuel tank is full, simply remove the filling tube from the fill nipple and push the red plunger inward until it is closes inside the valve body. With the top of the plunger now flush with the fuselage, your model is now ready for action. It's that easy!


COMPANY NEWS: Sullivan Products acquires Harry B. Higley and Sons, Inc.
Sullivan Products has recently purchased all assets of Harry B. Higley and Sons. We now have the Harry Higley techincal building books, tools and model accessories inventory at a suitable level and ready to serve you. Please visit www.harryhigley.com for a product catalog or order form if you wish to purchase any of these items. You can also call the Sullivan Products sales department at 410-732-3500 to place an order over the phone
. The Harry Higly product line is also available at various hobby distributors, retail stores and internet mail order companies for purchase.

Check out these Sullivan SkyWriter Smoke System images on our SkyWriter Picture Page

We have also recently added a number of new products to our existing product line.

Multi Cylinder Onboard Glow Drivers. Similar to our single (M060) and twin (M061) glow driver, it features your choice of quick and easy one button set point programming or automatic operation, so the plug received power at any throttle settings. The set point is stored in memory until changed. The green LED light indicates burned out plugs by flashing on the panel. The unit doesn't require a Y-Harness, just plug to receiver, throttle servo and to any 1.2V to 12V battery. M/F Micro Deans connectors supplied for battery hook up. The unit only weighs 56g.

For Three Cylinder Engines
For Four Cylinder Engines
For Five Cylinder Engines

Please see our New Products page for details.

Sullivan also specializes in unmanned vehicle subsystems. While we do not produce complete UVs, we supply internal components and subassemblies for many UV programs. Standard products include alternators from a few watts to many kilowatts, onboard and external engine starters, fuel tanks, fuel system components, control system hardware and wheels. We can supply quantities from one to thousands of almost any item.

There is an overview of our capabilities on our Sullivan UV web site. If you need a special generator for a UAV or commercial project, please send us an email and we can give you more details for your project.


To purchase our standard products, please visit your local hobby store, or visit one of the links on our Locate Products page. If you have trouble locating an item please let us know and we will try to help you find it  

As always, feel free to contact our technical department for answers to questions about our products and our sales department for information about OEM programs, bulk purchases and custom designs.



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