Landing Gear

Sullivan's Landing Gear all use the highest grade Music (spring) wire available. Our Tailwheel Brackets are recognized as the simplest and easiest to install, offering excellent performance and a reasonable price. Matching tires are available.


Steerable Tailwheel Bracket. Springs absorb both ground bumps and steering shocks to protect the model and the servos. Easy to install with just two bolts (tailwheel not included).

The bracket can be set up for steering or castoring. The kit includes mounting hardware and two different steering springs. For how to install follow this link. S859 shown.
Number Model weight Axle size Max. tailwheel size
S859 2 to 6 lbs (1-3 Kg) 1/16" (1,6 mm) 1-1/4" (32 mm)
S860 5 to 12 lbs (2-5 Kg) 5/64" (2,0 mm) 1-1/4" (32 mm)
S861 10 to 22 lbs (4-10 Kg) 3/32" (2,4 mm) 1-5/8" (41 mm)
S862 16 to 35 lbs (7-16 Kg) 1/8" (3,2 mm) 2-1/8" (54 mm)

Steering Nose Gear. This gear is made from 5/32" Spring Wire, plated for corrosion resistance. It features a special "Knuckle" design to absorb shocks. The axle center is behind the steering pivot point for self-aligning steering. The upper leg is extended for additional height adjustment. Includes axle, nylon bearing block, nylon steering arm and mounting hardware. Tire not included. S865.

Wheel Pant Attachment Brackets

These simple brackets serve as both wheel collar and wheel pant brackets. They are made of heat treated, tempered steel. They clamp securely onto the axle, and the clamping pressure can be adjusted from moveable to rigid. The adjusting screw is angled for easy access with a ball driver. They are about the same width as a wheel collar, so only a washer is needed between the wheel and bracket.

S888 5/32" Axle (also fits 4,0 mm)
S889 3/16" Axle
S890 1/4" Axle

Number Size
S252 .025" (0,64 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S253 .032" (0,81 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S254 .045" (1,14 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S255 .063" (1,60 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S256 .093" (2,36 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S257 .125" (3,18 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S259 .075" (1,91 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S260 .156" (3,96 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long
S261 .187" (4,75 mm) diameter by 36" (91,4 cm) long

Hard Drawn Music Wire. High quality wire has a very high yield stress and a corrosion resistant finish. Excellent for all landing gear and other projects where hard spring wire is needed.



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