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Model Products Corporation was started in the late 1970s by Richard Remington. He designed and patented the Head Lock Glow Plug Connector. It featured a spring loaded twist lock, making it very secure, yet easy to attach or remove. Later, he developed the Head Lite series and Head Locks with batteries, meters and/or chargers.

Model Products earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality products. Sullivan purchased Model Products in May 1999, and we continue those same quality standards today.

Recent additions to the Model Products line are the Onboard Glow Driver for single and twin cylinder engines and the Extended Head Lock Remote(see below).

Onboard Glow Plug Driver. This glow driver features your choice of quick and easy one button set point programming or automatic operation, so the plug received power at any throttle settings. The set point is stored in memory until changed. The green LED light indicates burned out plugs by flashing on the panel. The unit doesn't require a Y-Harness, just plug to receiver, throttle servo and to any 1.2V to 12V* battery. Only weighs 34g.

* The M061 twin cylinder onboard glow plug driver requires a 1.2V to 7.6 battery for operation.
All other versions of the glow plug driver will require a 1.2V to 12V battery.

For Single Cylinder Engines
For Twin Cylinder Engines
For Three Cylinder Engines
For Four Cylinder Engines
For Five Cylinder Engines

For detailed instructions, click here. Please visit the Onboard Glow Driver FAQ page for answers to common onboard glow plug driver questions.

Head Lock. The Head Lock Glow Plug Connectors feature the original patented spring loaded "Twist-Lock" design and heavy duty power cords. In mid-2000 they were upgraded with stronger springs. To attach to a glow plug you simply push down and turn. The Head Lock can be powered by any 1.2V to 1.5V battery or power panel.

M009 Head Lock Standard with Brass Body and 30" Power Cord
M037 Head Lock Professional w/Stainless Steel Body and 48" Cord

Head Lock Remote. The Head Lock Remotes have the same Twist-Lock design of the Head Locks, but are low profile to fit under cowls or canopies. They have a remote glow plug connector, allowing the pilot to power the glow plug from any point on the model (away from the prop). The plug can be powered by a Head Lock or Head Lite. Mounting bracket and connectors included. Installation Instructions and Operation

M021 Head Lock Remote
M022 Head Lock Remote Twin

Extended Head Lock Remote. For deep heat sink heads on R/C Cars, Helicopters and water-cooled heads on Boats, this longer connector allows you to locate a remote plug anywhere on the model for easy access and improved appearance (no hole required directly over the engine head). Features the same spring loaded twist-lock design as regular Head Locks, with a stronger locking spring.

M056 Head Lock Remote Extended

Head Lock Remote Charging Jack. The same remote jack that comes with Head Lock Remotes is available separately. Includes mounting bracket.

M020 Head Lock Charging Jack

Adapter for Small Engines allows you to attach a Head Lite or other standard Glow Plug Igniter to engines .049 to .061. The adapter includes an 18" power cord with a glow plug end, and adjustable steel grips on the clip.

M058 Glow Plug/Glow Button Adapter



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