Motor Mounts


Sullivan solid and vibration motor mounts are among the best engineered mounts in the world. From the simple, rugged cast aluminum mounts to the advanced Flex-Mounts, Sullivan has a mount for most R/C engines.

Vibration absorbing motor mount for two cycle engines attaches the engine directly to the fire wall with bonded Lord Mounts and eliminates the weight and space of a standard motor mount.

S275 Kit for .35-.50 size engines (1.28 oz)
S276 .35-.50 Plate only
S277 .35-.80 Isolators only (fit S275 and S278)
S278 Kit for .50-.80 size engines (1.38 oz)
S279 .50-.80 Plate only
S281 Kit for .80-1.20 size engines (4.67 oz)
S282 .80-1.20 Plate only
S283 .80-1.20 Isolators only

Clamp Type Motor Mount. Steel clamps hold engine securely to cast aluminum motor mount. No holes to drill.

S271 .30-.50 (6,6 ccm) size engines.
S272 .50-.75 (9,8 ccm) size engines.


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