Product Instructions


Product Number or Name Description Instructions
Fuel Tanks Basic Tank Assembly Guidelines
Metal Cable Push Rods Basic Assembly Instructions
M021 Head Lock Remote
M045 Head Lite Glow Plug Igniters
M060 Onboard Glow Plug Driver - Single -
M061 Onboard Glow Plug Driver - Twin -
Nylon Push Rods Basic Assembly Instructions
Steel Solid Rods Basic Assembly Instructions
S191 Filtered Fueler With Bottle Cap
S275 Flex-Mounts Kit for .35 - .50 size engines
S278 Flex - Mounts Kit for .50 - .80 size engines
S281 Flex - Mounts Kit for .80 - 1.20 size engines
S476 Fuel Nipple
S520 Pull - Pull Cable Kit
S521 Pull - Pull Kevlar® Kit
S546 Universal Flying Wire Kit
S560, S562 & S905 Locking Sleeve Ball Joints
S566 Standard Size Adjustable Control Horn
S567 Large Scale Adjustable Control Horn
S568 Large Scale Adjustable Double Horn
S630 3" Inch Aluminum Nose Cone
S640 PowerPac Battery Case
S640 2 PowerPac Battery Cases on S603 Dynatron Starter
S600 & S601 Hi-Tork & Deluxe Hi-Torq Starters
S613 6 mm Helicopter Extension Kit
S651 Megatron Starter
S660 Genesys Onboard Generator
S750 Fuel Filler Valve
S753 Skywriter Onboard Smoke System Instructions
S753 Skywriter Onboard Smoke System Set Up Notes
S859, S860, S861 & S862 Steerable Tailwheel Brackets
S865 Nose Gear
S888, S889 & S890 Wheel Pants Attachment Bracket
TigerDrive TigerDrive Instructions


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