Skywriter Pictures

Ken Huber Pitts with Smoke On!

Plane: 50% Exclusiv-Modellbau Pitts S1S
Engine: 3W 140i with 3W dual stacked mufflers w/ internal pre-heat
Radio: JR 11X
Servos: JR Digitals
Smoke Size Fuel Tank: 50 oz.

Photos taken by John VH.


Keith Davis emailed us a few shots of his Pilatus Porter with Smoke On!
Plane: Global RC Models Pilatus Porter 108" Wingspan
Engine: OS BGX 3500 / Slimline Smoke Muffler
Radio: Hitec Aurora 9
Servos: Futaba 3004 Servos
Weighs 18 pounds

Herve Lejeune from Performance Aircraft Unlimited with Smoke On!
Plane: 42% Extra 300-SP
Engine: DA-150 / stock mufflers
Radio: Futaba 14 MZ
Servos: Futaba 9156 & Futaba 9157 on the rudder
Batteries: Fromeco LiIon (2 5200 MaH on the receiver, 1 2600 MaH on the ignition
Smartfly EQ-6 Power Distribution System

Photos taken by James Miura


Congratulations to Ido Segev on his 1st Place Finish at the 2011 E-XFC!!


Pilot: Dany Geday
Plane: Boomerang XL
Turbine: 165N
Accessories: Flaps, Retracts, Brakes, & Lights
One sprayer for outstanding smoke density

Thanks for Sharing!


Pilot: Ido Segev
Plane: Krill Yak 55
Engine: DA-170, KS Cans
Servos: Hitec 7950HV

Ido Segev flying at the Seoul, Korea International Aeromodeling Festival
Thanks for Sharing!


Pilot: Phil Schwartz
Plane: Skyraider (120 inch wingspan)
Engine: Brison 7.3 Single Cylinder

Scale Details: Drop tanks, bombs, and functional exhaust system

Thanks for Sharing!!

Pilot: Russell Bear
Plane: Super Decathlon
Engine: DLE-30cc

Smoke Oil: Robart Smoke Fluid

Thanks for Sharing!!

Pilot: Mauricio Bertello, Argentina
Plane: 30% Yak 54 from Richmodel
Engine: DLE-55cc

Smoke Oil: YPF 68

Thanks for Sharing!!



Ido Segev from Israel send us these pictures while flying at the "Big Motegi Airshow" in Japan.
Thanks for sharing!!


Pilot: Juan Pablo Busnelli, Argentina
Plane: 30% Yak 54 from Richmodel
Engine: DLE-55cc

Airplane: PAU Aircraft 43% Edge 540
Pilot: Ryan Winslow
Pictures taken by: Eddie Denney


Airplane: PAU Aircraft 43% Edge 540
Pilot: Ryan Winslow
Pictures taken by: Chris Mulcahy



Sam Gaglio emailed us a few images of his planes with the Skywriter Smoke System!

Plane: 30% PAU SU-26
Engine: 3W 55CS, Pitts Muffler

Thanks For Sharing!



Plane: 1/3 Scale World Models Clipped Wing Cub
Engine: 3W 106 TOC, Stock Mufflers
Plane: 37% PAU Ultimate Biplane
Engine: 3W 106 B2, Stock Mufflers

Sam Gaglio with his PAU (Performance Aircraft Unlimited) 36% Edge 540 with Skywriter Smoke System. Thanks For Sharing!


Ido Segev send us a few images of the 2009 XFC in Indiana. His excellent flying skills and Skywriter Smoke Pump make him finish in 3rd Place.


Dave Scott, from 1st RC Flight School, send us a few excellent pictures from his Extra 260 with our S753 Skywriter Smoke Pump. Thanks for sharing!!

Bill "Smoke" Hoffer send us this great picture of his Extra 330 on an Inverted Flat Spin. His Skywriter is powered by a 4.8V battery with Futaba 14MZ radio system.

Ido Segev, World renowned pilot and XFC 2007 competitor flying his 39% Krill Models Katana with the Skywriter Smoke Pump




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