Starter Adapters and Attachments


Sullivan Starter accessories are carefully designed to work properly with Sullivan Starters. They are interchangeable with all Sullivan models except the S650 and S651. Many of the accessories will also work well with other brands. Please contact us at if you have specific questions about compatibility or applications.

Battery Box for Portable Starting Power
The S642 Battery Box is an updated version of the S640 PowerPac. It is compatible with LiPo, LiFePo4, NiMH, NiCad, and LA batteries, with simple one button programming. Mounts easily to the S600/S601 and S603, can be easily adopted for the S650, S651, S652, as well as other brands. No. S642.

S642 Instructions

6mm Helicopter Extension Kit
Made for use with a 6mm socket helicopters, it features a custom hex drive for maximum torque transfer without strip out, an oversized one way clutch and a single oversized thrust bearing. The precision aluminum clamps provide true running performance. Tool free disassembly. Also fits in 1" starter insert for quick mounting. 12" long. 2 year warranty. No. S613
Replacement 6mm Hex Ball For S613

Aluminum Replacement 1.60" Nose Cone.
Fits Hi-Tork (S600/S601) and Dynatron (S603) starters; screws on and locks with a 1/4-20 flange nut. No. S607.
Standard Rubber Adapter for 1.60" cone.
Natural Rubber for general use, fits standard cone on Hi-Tork and Dynatron starters as well as most other brands. Original equipment on Sullivan starters. No. S605.

Silicone Rubber Adapter, Deep/Narrow for 1.60" cone.
Long life silicone rubber adapter for long, tapered spinners. Excellent grip. Blue, No. S631.

Starter Cone Insert Drawing

Silicone Rubber Adapter, Standard for 1.60" cone.
Long life silicone rubber adapter for standard shaped spinners. Excellent grip. White, No. S632.

Starter Cone Insert Drawing

Silicone Rubber Adapter, Shallow/Short for 1.60" cone.
Long life silicone rubber adapter for blunt spinners and prop nuts. Excellent grip. Red, No. S633.

Starter Cone Insert Drawing

Neoprene Rubber Adapter for small spinners and small prop nuts for 1.60" cone.
Durable neoprene rubber adapter smaller engines. Yellow, No. S634.
Bare Prop adapter for 1.60" cone.
Special insert for bare propellers (up to 1" diameter hub) with molded-in reinforcement. Green, No. S635.

Silicone Rubber Adapter for 3" Nose Cone.
Long life silicone rubber adapter for spinners 1-3/4" to 3-1/2" . Excellent grip. Red, No. S636.

PDF Drawing

Silicone Rubber Adapter for 3" Nose Cone.
Long life silicone rubber adapter for spinners 2-1/4"" to 6". Excellent grip. Green, No. S637.

PDF Drawing

3 Inch Machined Aluminum Nose Cone
Redesign cone screws directly on the S603 Dynatron starter shaft. Accepts 3 inch rubber inserts. Color: Gold No. S630

Replacement rubber adapter for Hornet Starter (S598). No. S622.
Car Starter Wheel with Aluminum Drive Cone, 3-1/2" diameter.
For handheld and starter box use. Fits Hi-Tork and Dynatron starters. Aluminum cone screws on, uses a 1-4-20 flange nut for locking.
No. S610.
Replacement Wheel for S610 kit. Fits No. S610 drive cone above. No. S624.
Starter Belt for belt start boat engines. 17" length. Fits all Sullivan cones with pulley groove. No. S626.
Heavy Duty Banana Plugs
Unlike standard banana plugs, these plugs fit the heavy power cords (12 and 14 gauge) used on Sullivan Starters. Includes two male/female plugs for universal use. No. S645.
Deluxe Chicken Stick.
For hand starting engines without getting your hand in the propellor. Has a vinyl handle and vinyl extension to protect both prop and fingers.
No. S245.

Example attachments:

S603 Dynatron with S642 Battery Box

S603 Dynatron with S613 Helicopter Extension

Hi-Tork starter with S610 Car Starter Wheel



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