TigerDrive FAQ

TigerDrive Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which TigerDrive do I need?

A: There are three common pull start configurations that are used in most all engines on the market sized from .12 to .46 ci. All of these utilize a one way bearing and a shaft that fits into it. The three normal configurations are: 6mm Shaft S680 (Purple Cover), 8mm Shaft S681 (Red Cover) and 6mm Internal Clutch S689 (Grey Cover). A cross reference of engines and the compatible TigerDrive can be found here. If your engine is not listed you can easily determine which one is appropriate by removing your pull starter and examining the interface. Keep in mind that there is a coil spring in these which may release unexpectedly and fly out of the unit, proper eye protection is recommended. When the one way clutch is on the pull start side it is often housed in a hex nut. Both of these are easily removed by rotating while gently pulling off the shaft.


Q: My exhaust is in the way, does it have to face up?

A: No, the TigerDrive can be rotated to face directly up, to either side, or directly down. In addition to this other angles can be used if a ball nose hex is used to drive the unit. This will allow you to access the drive screw from angles up to ~30 degrees out of alignment with the unit itself. The hex shaft we offer (S686) is made with this type of "ball" end for ease of use.


Q: My pull start only uses three screws, is this OK for the Tigerdrive?

A: Yes, the TigerDrive unit is made of a high quality aluminum alloy which is durable enough to be fastened to the motor case with as few as 2 screws if necessary.


Q: Am I stuck with the same color cover that came with the unit originally?

A: No, we offer an assortment of covers in 6 popular colors (S688). All of these are interchangeable with all the models available.


Q: What can I use to drive it?

A: Due to the high efficiency gear design and ratios that we use most engines can be started with a wide variety of devices. The 7/32" hex shaft that is used to drive the starters can be spun with a standard hand held starter (such as a Hi-Tork), or any cordless drill or similar device. The S686 ball nose hex shaft that we offer comes with an adapter which fits onto the shaft of most R/C aircraft engine starters.


Q: Is there any maintenance required?

A: Although the gears and bearing are lightly oiled prior to packaging occasional lubrication is recommended every few hours of use. A light oil or similar product can be used as well as self drying lubricants such as those used for roller chains and other parts operated in "dirty" conditions. We recommend our special lubricant designed for gears and bearings, Dry Ice Racing Lube.


Q: How long will it last?

A: The TigerDrive was designed to last the life of the motor. The gears are made from high strength sintered steel, the bushings are self lubricating industrial grade, the housing is a high strength aluminum alloy and the covers are formed from high impact polymers. The bearing, if it is a bearing type, needs to be kept oiled to prevent damage from overheating.




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