S848 Sullivan Tail Anchor with quick drop arms

The S848 Tail Anchor is now available!

As seen in MAN and at the 2018 Weak Signals Expo we are proud to announce that the Sullivan S848 Tail Anchor is in production. They will be ready to ship Friday April 20th and listed for pre-order Wednesday April 18th.

The steel base and uprights will hold even the largest planes & engines. With a simple lift and drop you can taxi right over the Plane Holder without having to lift your airplane!

If you have any questions please let us know. sales@sullivanproducts.com

The New 3D & Giant Scale ProRod is here!

The new complete control linkage system for 3D and Giant Scale aircraft is here! This line of 6-32 hardware is manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel. Our specially designed aluminum rod is internally threaded 6-32” on both ends with an ID of .107”, which is ideal for tapping 6-32”.

Our ProRod system is engineered to have no play and maxed out our test equipment handling 200 lbs with no problems. Many other vital components of a plane will fail before 200 lbs of pressure is exerted, meaning our hardware will never be a point of structural concern.

Upgrade your plane at your favorite Sullivan Supplier!

S710 – Complete ProRod System

This is everything you need from servo arm to surface.

S715 – ProRod

12” ProRod is easily cut to specific size with a fine Zona saw or jigsaw & quickly tapped to 6-32”

S594 – ProConnector

6-32” Ball Connector allows off axis set up and quick tooless adjustment

S712 – ProHorn

Designed with 1” stand off for large plane installation and easily adjusts and fits on included 8-32” bolt

S493 – Assorted 6-32” Threaded Rods

Strong, lightweight stainless steel 6-32” double end thread; 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”

S780 – ProCutter

Stainless steel with internal machine sharpened edge for quick easy cutting in wood, foam and fiberglass

S781 – ProPlug Hardwood Pre Machined Inserts

Hardwood inserts for all flying surfaces with machined counter bore for quick 8-32” bolt installation

S492 – 1” 6-32 Threaded Studs

4 x 1” 6-32 threaded stainless steel studs

S496 – 6-32 Hex Nuts

8 x 6-32” stainless steel hex nuts

New Mini Wheel Chock!

Or check the video out here!

Marcy’s Mini Wheel Chocks. Marcy Jones invented these wheel chocks in 2003 and has been testing and perfecting them ever since. Depending on wheel size and gear angle, the chocks can fit either inside or outside of the tires and will accommodate most axle sizes. Aside from looking super cool, these wheel chocks have lots of other great benefits too:

  •   Maximize security and safety during plane transport
    • Conserve space in trailers, trucks, vans or storage areas
    • Eliminates the risk of getting flat spots on tires
    • Prevents rolling during hardware or radio installations
    • Use in any type of airplane, tail dragger or tricycle
    • For up to 2.5″ Tires
    • Made of high strength anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use

AMA Expo East

Come see us at the AMA Expo East, booths 302, 304, and 306. We will be announcing a few new products and handing out coupons for the new website!


Meadowlands Exposition Center – Secaucus, NJ

Friday, February 23, 11 am – 5 pm

Saturday, February 24, 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday, February 25, 10 am – 4 pm