We apologize if you have made a web order or e-mailed a tech question and have not received our normal quick response. We are following all Federal and State wide limitations during the virus as well as we are dealing with an internal computer issue. Rest assured we are still shipping, albeit with a skeleton crew. If you have a question about a previous order or would like to make an order or ask a tech question, please call us @ 410-732-3500.

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  1. David C Gibbons
    David C Gibbons says:

    Bought a pack of 2mm rods part No 540 from Nexus models Northampton UK. Packet indicates 8 pieces , there are only 4 pieces in the packet. Advised Nexus, they do not wish to know and advised me to contact you directly.
    Would be grateful for clarification. Nexus advised all stock only contain 4 pieces but agree packet states 8 pieces. Strangely though they still advised me to contact you directly for clarification.
    David C Gibbons

    • Maureen Simmons
      Maureen Simmons says:


      Sorry for the delay. Let me look into it and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will advise shortly.


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