The New 3D & Giant Scale ProRod is here!

The new complete control linkage system for 3D and Giant Scale aircraft is here! This line of 6-32 hardware is manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel. Our specially designed aluminum rod is internally threaded 6-32” on both ends with an ID of .107”, which is ideal for tapping 6-32”.

Our ProRod system is engineered to have no play and maxed out our test equipment handling 200 lbs with no problems. Many other vital components of a plane will fail before 200 lbs of pressure is exerted, meaning our hardware will never be a point of structural concern.

Upgrade your plane at your favorite Sullivan Supplier!

S710 – Complete ProRod System

This is everything you need from servo arm to surface.

S715 – ProRod

12” ProRod is easily cut to specific size with a fine Zona saw or jigsaw & quickly tapped to 6-32”

S594 – ProConnector

6-32” Ball Connector allows off axis set up and quick tooless adjustment

S712 – ProHorn

Designed with 1” stand off for large plane installation and easily adjusts and fits on included 8-32” bolt

S493 – Assorted 6-32” Threaded Rods

Strong, lightweight stainless steel 6-32” double end thread; 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”

S780 – ProCutter

Stainless steel with internal machine sharpened edge for quick easy cutting in wood, foam and fiberglass

S781 – ProPlug Hardwood Pre Machined Inserts

Hardwood inserts for all flying surfaces with machined counter bore for quick 8-32” bolt installation

S492 – 1” 6-32 Threaded Studs

4 x 1” 6-32 threaded stainless steel studs

S496 – 6-32 Hex Nuts

8 x 6-32” stainless steel hex nuts

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