Perfect Parts

The Perfect Parts Company has been in business for over 50 years. Perfect Parts sells a variety of Laboratory Science items.  Perfect Parts also sells Model Airplane and Model Railroad products. Please visit a link below for specific product details.




Model Airplane Accessories

Model Railroad Accessories

The Perfect Parts Company is part of the Sullivan family of products. Perfect Parts has a reputation for producing high quality products and providing responsive customer service.

The  manufacturing plant for Perfect Parts is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is conveniently located near a major shipping port (Baltimore), rail, trucking routes, and the Marshal BWI airport.

The Sullivan family of products was founded by Matthew Sullivan in the 1940s. Sullivan’s first products were lines, handles and connectors for control line flying. We still make many of those products today.

A bricklayer by trade, “Matty” soon achieved enough success to make model product manufacturing his sole occupation. He was very active in the business up until his death in 1980. The company still continues following the fine traditions established by “Matty”.

Our team  is always interested in new product designs. If you have a product concept or prototype, we urge you to seek patent or copyright protection before offering it to us..