The Sullivan Family of Hobby Products Are Finally Together


The Sullivan family of hobby products are now together

It’s a family reunion !!! The Sullivan family of hobby products are now together on  You no longer have to visit three different websites to order our products. It can all be done on one website. While most of you are familiar with Sullivan and Harry Higley, Perfect Parts might need an introduction.

Meet Perfect Parts

Perfect Parts is not new it is our original brand selling science, model airplane and model railroad products and it still does that. Many of the products in the perfect line especially the model airplane accessories could be of interest to you. So stop by and visit today.

The Sullivan Family of Products

Sullivan Product’s manufacturing plant and office is located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The plant is conveniently located near a major shipping port (Baltimore), rail, trucking routes, and the BWI airport.

How We Began

The company was founded by Matthew Sullivan in the 1940s. The company’s first products were lines, handles and connectors for control line flying. We still make many of those products today. A bricklayer by trade, “Matty” soon achieved enough success to make model product manufacturing his sole occupation. He was very active in the business up until his death in 1980.

As Radio Control became practical, Sullivan pioneered electric Starters, plastic fuel tanks and an improved control rod (Gold-N-Rod). Today, Sullivan is still the leading worldwide manufacturer of those product lines. The Sullivan family of products includes Harry Higley and Perfect Parts.

Sullivan Continues To Grow

Sullivan maintains an active product development and acquisition program. In recent years, we have added many product lines. These lines include Skylite tire, the Genesys System, the Megatron and a variety of fuel system and control system components. We now manufacture over 300 products in the Sullivan line. In addition, we make a number of custom products for the OEM, commercial, UAV and military markets.

We are always interested in new product designs. If you have a product concept or prototype, we strongly urge you to seek patent or copyright protection before offering it to us (or anyone else).

If you have any questions or comments about our company please send them to

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